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When to replace your roof

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When to replace your roof

A Good looking house looks good when its roof looks good or a house or a commercial building or a cottage whatever it is. Its first impression is the roof, if the roof is so beautiful then it adds extra look or beautification on its look it may commercial place or residential home.

So we need to extra care on the roof to look beautiful our sweet home or workshop whatever it is.

It does not matter what type of roof is install but it need to proper maintenance if damage then it must be replaced to look beautiful and to keep our home or office in good condition, generally minimum life period of your roof lies between twenty-five years to hundred year’s but generally we see that sometimes our roof need to be replaced before time our sometimes can be seen over last for a decay.

During maintenance time we have to check minutely whether a roof needs to the replacement or need to repair if some portion damage by the climatic condition then it can be repair or maintenance is enough for a roof.  

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Sometimes it can be observed that roof is ok or looks good or in good condition but its structure not so good or its health is in poor condition, it that scenario we need to evaluate whether it is profitable to replace the whole roof or repair. In generally the roof material is not so expensive but the structure martial and dis-mental cost or labor cost so expensive to do the old job or reparable job.

Another point is that in previous time whatever material is used during the roofing now present that type material obsolete from the market or that material comes under huge expensive. In that situation install a new roof is wiser decision because with time new technology and new material took place.

so keep al this in mind we have to think and calculate and revaluate the roof condition before roofing a new roof it may costly or extra burden on pocket but it gives us satisfaction and pleasant peace on our mind that roof is ok. and other portion of building or home or whatever is is can be safe by a good roofing. 

If budget exits the limit then it is good to install another roof code or roof material on old roof structure. It will save dis mental cost, and to install a new roof on old roof makes the roof stronger but heavier than a general or ordinary roof which is the most common scenario in the locality.     

To replace old ceramic or tile roof with a metal roof or sheet roof is good choice because installation charge and labor cost to install metal roof too low or cheap compared to others.

So replace a new roof need to be a very critical or very calculative work before installation.

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